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Logiforce has an ongoing commitment of providing quality services and as part of this commitment we have constructed many Quality Control Procedures, some of them we have innovated ourselves, and others we have perfected from the standard procedures that most delivery companies use. Please take a look at what we do for your added peace of mind as customers. We are always happy to accept suggestions on how to improve our quality control and our services as whole.

1. Listening and understanding the Client's needs and wants:

Our first and main procedure is to ensure we understand exactly your intentions and expectations when starting a new leaflet delivery campaign. We achieve this with initial meeting, telephone conversation or written correspondence and by providing you with a Booking Form and written T&C's, so to ensure we have the right information of what you need delivered, where exactly and how much and what consumer groups you are targeting for better results.

2. Providing you with vital information beforehand:

When requested by the customer we can give you detailed and precise information regarding specific area that you intend to target, this includes number of households, statistical information that includes segregation of households by income, age, profession, trades, number of household members, etc. This information can then be adapted to target specific parts of any post code area or sector and thus achieving better results. We provide you with Excel Spreadsheet and graphical representation of the areas, before the delivery starts so you can make an informed choice of where you need your leaflets delivered. *Basic information for number of households in specific postal sectors is free of charge. Additional information and services may incur small administration fee to cover our reasonable expenses. Information provided is dependable on external sources and software. Logiforce accepts no responsibility for wrong or misleading information and gives no warranties for the provided data. The use of such data is completely at the client's discretion and the later accepts all risks and responsibilities for using it. 

3. Use of advanced technological quality control equipment and software:

Logiforce is always looking to minimize our expenses, and at the same time to increase the production and the results, which enables us to pass on these savings and assets onto the customer by providing competitive rates and high quality service. That is why we employ the use of GPS data loggers and trackers, and also the use of external services to track live all our teams whilst delivering your leaflets. GPS tracking and logging provides all our customers with simple and effective solution in keeping their minds at ease that there leaflets has been delivered, on time and on target. Exactly where they want it and when they want it.

GPS: Each Logiforce distribution team carries a GPS data logger, that is switched on when they arrive at the delivery postcode sector, and off when they move to the next one and so on. The logger records every single step the team makes every 7 seconds. After the delivery the data is downloaded and incorporated in Google Maps, or can be exported as GPS tracks files. Then we are able to upload this information onto an external server, and forward the link to the customer. The customer then sees the delivery animated, door to door. The software shows speed of delivery, graphics that proof that the team has delivered door to door, and not just walked or driven around the block. The software allows the user to watch the movements onto a Google map or Satellite view, or Hybrid view. It allows the user to pause, rewind, increase or decrease the speed of the animation. It shows exact start and end time, and date of the delivery taking place (which is recorded by the GPS data logger automatically by the GPS satellites it received signal from), it also shows average speed, distance walked, and the variable speed of the deliverer whilst on different locations on the map. Please have a look at the examples of GPS tracks we have uploaded for our clients here.

SMS alerts: Our quality control procedures include specific information that we accept from all delivery teams on daily basis. Apart from regular telephone contact with the office, all team leaders sent us text message alerts to our dedicated mobile phone number when they start a delivery. The alerts of course include specific data that enables us to identify the delivery team, their specific assignment and ultimately what leaflets they are delivering for which client and order. This is vital for the rest of our quality control procedures as enables us to track all teams, to start our back checking procedures, and if necessary to visit the teams on site for surprise checks or assistance if needed. No team is allowed to start delivery without sending first a text message alert and we do not acknowledge work if this is not adhered to.

4. Detailed paperwork to ensure quality of the distribution:

We try and keep any confusing paperwork and heavy administration to minimum when offering services to our clients. However there are certain types of paperwork that we do meticulously and always to the letter.

This includes detailed street by street, and property number to property number Positive delivery sheets - they show each road/street and the numbers from - to that has been delivered. Missed property sheets - for each property that has not been delivered to and an objective reason why not. Backcheck forms - when requested - with face to face backchecks that show specific householders that has been delivered to. We normally do backchecks on the spot when delivering, our team leaders take between 3 to 5 householder names, and record them straight on the positive delivery sheet. This is subject to possibility to meet householders and their desire to give out their names. The numbers of these backchecks may vary from time to time. *The face to face backchecks, that we can do on the client's request may be subject to additional charge. We also include in our paperwork detailed postcode sector maps, which are marked precisely where it has been delivered to. The Positive delivery sheets, Missed property sheets, the marked maps, and the GPS tracks, form the full documentation that we provide our clients with after the leaflet delivery campaign has been completed. This allows the customers to obtain objective opinion for the success of the distribution and to form enquiries if any.

5. Daily progress reports:

When requested by any client, we are able to provide them with daily progress reports as well. These includes daily GPS tracks, information on which sectors/areas has been delivered to and approximately the quantity of leaflets delivered as well. *This may incur additional small administration fee. Our standard reports are made at the end of the delivery, and if the delivery is more than a week, then we make a brief report at the end of the week or at the beginning of the week for the previous one.

6. Specific training and supervision of all leaflet deliverers:

We take great care when choosing all leaflet deliverers that we appoint to work for us. Our recruitment process includes careful selection of only reliable and trustworthy individuals, that can be self-motivated and capable of working on their own as well as in team. All new deliverers are trained personally by senior member of Logiforce or by trusted and experienced supervisor. The training sessions include theoretical and practical training, and introduction to good work's ethics as well. All new deliverers are first asked to familiarize with the Logiforce's Distributors Guidelines and sign declaration that they will adhere to them closely. Then all new deliverers are given between one full day and up to a week close training and supervision by senior member of staff or trusted and experienced supervisor. Throughout this time we are closely monitoring the new deliverer's  work ethics, their self-motivation for achieving good results, stamina, etc. We are clocking the number of leaflets per hour that the new deliverer distributes to ensure the minimum required is achieved without straining each individual. If needed coaching and guidance on how to achieve better results is given. We also check the average speed of each new deliverer using the GPS data loggers to make sure the minimum required speed is kept at a constant.

Work Ethics: All new deliverers are trained to behave in professional manner, whilst delivering your leaflets. They will never take a short cut that might offend the residents, nor they will leave a gate open after delivering to the letterbox, if they found the gate closed on the first place. There is never slamming of gates either. We make sure our supervisors never allow such behaviour and we have never had any complaints so far, either from a client or a resident. Our major rule is to never leave leaflets sticking out of the letterbox and all leaflets are pushed right through it. This ensures good quality delivery and keeps the residents safe from burglars, that may take the property for empty if a leaflet is sticking out.

Delivery equipment and health and safety: All deliverers are either provided with or obliged to have proper delivery and personal health and safety equipment to ensure the efficiency of each distribution campaign. This includes professional leaflet/magazines trolleys, professional leaflet/newspaper shoulder bags, high visibility raincoats, that are carried when raining. Logiforce recommends the use of bicycle raincoats which provide complete leaflet and person protection even in heavy rain. In certain instances high-visibility vests are also recommended to the deliverers to carry.  

At Logiforce we are always prepared to walk the extra mile to ensure that the quality of service is at its highest with us.

If you have enjoyed and approve our quality control procedures you can obtain free and specific, no obligation quote for leaflet distribution by filling the short form here.

Our coverage includes the Midlands, the South and East Anglia and London.

We are constantly expanding our teams of leaflet deliverers, based locally to your operations, and always ready to accept new areas, where to deliver your leaflets. If you are interested in our services outside the Midlands, the South and East Anglia, please contact us, we may be able to help.

At Logiforce we take pride in our work - delivering leaflets and other promotional materials to your clients. We choose to provide you with the best quality of service and the most competitive rates on the market. There is no too small or too big job for us. We can handle anything from 3000 to 200 000 items per week, and we have the muscle for it (our deliverers are the fastest you can find around, and we can prove it).